Refund Policy

All the articles on Silkrute’s website are covered by our absolute A-Z recovery. Barter can appeal for A-Z balance and accept a 100% acquittance should they appear beyond one of the afterward situations:

  1. It has been 5 canicule back the estimated commitment date and you haven’t accustomed your package. Barter can additionally appeal for A-Z accretion if they’re clumsy to clue the addition through any medium. 
  2. The delivered account is physically damaged or altered from the aboriginal description of the artefact and the chump hasn’t accustomed his/her refund, alike afterwards agreement a acknowledgment appeal beneath Silkrute’s Return Policy.
  3. The chump has accustomed a fractional acquittance afterwards abiding the item. At Silkrute, we action a 100% acquittance on all the articles accessible on the website. So, if any user receives a fractional refund, he/she can appeal our A-Z balance and get a complete refund. 

Customers won’t be able to abode an A-Z balance appeal if;

  1. He/she hasn’t placed a acknowledgment appeal aural the defined window (5 business days) in case of a physically damaged product
  2. The artefact was damaged while in the control of the chump himself.