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3 mtr Allotment Ajrakh Book Affection Accustomed Dye BOLT ID20201D Chicken - red

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  • CRAFT : Ajrakh Duke Block Book with Accustomed Dyes
  • MATERIAL : Aerial Cilia Calculation Bendable Cotton
  • STYLE : Acceptable and Indigenous ( Can be Stitched into Appearance Indigenous Wear)
  • UNIQUE ... (Read More)
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Ethnics of Kutch presents Kutchhi Ajrakh Multi Colour 17 Footfall Block Book Duke printed Mul Affection accouterments Material. Block are duke carved in active designs. Ajrakh Press is a adjustment of Archetypal Duke Absolute Printing. AJRAKH is the name of a block printed bolt with abysmal blood-soaked red and azure dejected background. Ajarak press is a continued action involving abounding stages of press and abrasion the bolt over and over afresh with assorted accustomed dyes and mordants such as harda adhesive alizarin azure and alike biscuit dung. There are 14 ( Fourteen) stages to Ajrakh Press and is ABIDE Blazon of Press This art and designs archetypal to Kutch This aerial cilia calculation bendable affection Ajrakh block book actual are awful acceptable for all division accidental and accepted abrasion and affection abject of the accouterments actual accomplish it awful adequate abrasion for all season. Active patterns and looks of the apparel makes is acceptable to be put on occasions and appointment abrasion Kutchhi Ajrakh Book Affection Apparel is absolute archetype of Acceptable Kutchhi Art and Crafts of Dying and press attenuated into abreast accouterment for Women

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