Return,Refund and Abandoning Policy 

Return and Refund Policy

With an cold to accommodate a advanced arcade acquaintance to our customers, we’ve tailored a customer-centric acknowledgment and abandoning policy. At Silkrute, all the articles can be alternate by the customer, accustomed that the acknowledgment appeal is submitted aural the defined time anatomy (7 days). 

Post this time frame, the chump won’t be able to abode the acknowledgment request, alike if the artefact is damaged. As anon as you abode a appeal to acknowledgment an order, a commitment abettor will appointment the abode to appraise and aces the order. The commitment abettor has the ascendancy to adios an item, if:

  • It’s physically damaged or is in a non-returnable state
  • The artefact is altered from the aboriginal account that was initially delivered
  • The container’s allowance is burst if it’s a grocery item

As anon as the commitment abettor ships the adjustment aback to Silkrute, we’ll admit the acquittance to the debit/credit acclimated during the payment. However, it may booty 4-7 canicule for the acquittance to reflect in the customer’s coffer account.

  • The acquittance will be accomplished instantly and it may booty up to 4-7 canicule (excluding Sundays) to ability the customer.  
  • We don’t appoint any added accuse on cancellations and returns. As anon as the chump allotment the order, we’ll admit the acquittance for 100% of the bulk originally paid by the customer
  • Customers can’t opt for added acquittal methods to accept the refund. The bulk will be accustomed to the aforementioned coffer annual that was acclimated during the transaction
  • In case the acquittance doesn’t reflect in your coffer account, you may acquaintance chump account and our controlling will accommodate you with complete assistance
  • If the customer’s coffer fails to complete the transaction, he/she can either abode a appeal for a acquittance afresh or accept demand-draft to get the refund

Cancellation Policy

Customers may abolish their orders afore or afterwards they’ve been shipped. 

  • If the adjustment isn’t alien yet, we’ll instantly admit the acquittance process. 
  • If the account is already alien and is in transit, we’ll admit the acquittance already the account gets aback to the warehouse. 
  • Customers don’t accept to accommodate any added advice while abandoning an order
  • In case the adjustment gets delivered to the customer, alike afterwards agreement a abandoning request, he/she may adios the commitment and our abettor will address the account aback to the warehouse. 
  • Even in case of cancellation, the chump will accept 100% of the aboriginal bulk after any answer whatsoever. 
  • If the chump receives a damaged account during delivery, he/she may abode a abandoning appeal on the spot, and we’ll admit the acquittance process