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Silkrute Agreement & Altitude (Terms of Use)

This certificate contains Acceding of Use (Terms and Conditions) that anniversary user charge accede to afore application any of Silkrute's services. It's an electronically generated acceding and doesn't crave any concrete (or digital) signature whatsoever. As anon barter appointment Silkrute.com, browses altered web pages, or uses any service, they accede to the Acceding and Altitude mentioned below. By accordant to the behavior of Silkrute's "Terms and Conditions" agreement, you additionally accede to all the added behavior including (but not bound to) Acknowledgment & Barter Policy, Acquittance Policy, and A-Z Guarantee.

1. Your Silkrute Account

After ambience up an annual at Silkrute.com, you are amenable for befitting your login accreditation (username and password) confidential. Silkrute is not amenable for advancement the acquaintance of customer's username and countersign as we don't allotment these accreditation with anyone. Afterwards creating your account, you'll be amenable for all the activities that appear beneath your account. If you anticipate your annual is actuality acclimated by crooked users or your password's acquaintance has been compromised, you charge acquaintance Silkrute's chump abutment anon for added assistance. Silkrute has complete ascendancy to adios an annual angle or abolish the annual assuredly in case of actionable activities. 

2. Privacy

 At Silkrute, our primary cold is to action a absolutely defended arcade acquaintance to the customers. We alone allotment your claimed capacity (including Name, Buzz Number, and Address) capacity with our commitment ally to action your orders. However, we additionally use altered accolade to assay customer's behavior patterns and action a alone arcade experience. We may additionally acquaintance you via cyberbanking mail (on your registered email address) to allotment advice apropos absolute discounts and sales. If you don't ambition to accept any emails from Silkrute, you can additionally abolish the casework anytime you want. Apprehend our Aloofness Action for added information. 

3. Website Accessibility 

We consistently focus on accouterment a seamless arcade acquaintance to our customers. However, in case of repair, maintenance, or a abstruse glitch, we may append our casework for any duration. Our casework may additionally append in case of arrangement errors at the backend. 

4. Communications

When application Silkrute's services, users accept the appropriate to abode comments, artefact reviews, or acquaintance us via email, accustomed that the agreeable is admiring and doesn't accommodate any apocryphal language. Silkrute holds the appropriate to annul extraneous comments and reviews from the website if they accommodate any obscene, disrespectful, or apocryphal language. 

5. Associates Charges

Silkrute doesn't ask users for any associates accuse at all. You can actualize an annual at Silkrute for free. In case you pay for associates charges, back approached by anyone beneath Silkrute's name, we could not be captivated amenable for arising any refund. At Silkrute, you alone accept to pay for the orders you've purchased from the store.